Taking a Deeper Look at Urban Impact

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Author: John L. Thompson

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Urban Impact is a practical training tool for those serving or planning to serve in an urban setting, written by a veteran with 31 years of urban experience. It contains more than basic information and includes chapters on reaching the disenfranchised, discipling people in the city, helping those who were raised without a father, planting a church in the city, and living in the city.

Half of the population of the world live in cities of one million or more. If we don’t reach and disciple from these masses, our future missionary and pastoral force will be diminished. The book Urban Impact is a trumpet call to muster our forces but also deals with the philosophy and practical principles that make any ministry in the city successful. Brandishing a practical writing style coupled with real life experiences, John Thompson helps the reader understand the problems, burdens, joys, and powerful impact cities have on the rest of society.

Helping the city pastor or missionary develop an effective ministry, Thompson elaborates on seven principles necessary for an effective urban ministry. Following this discussion the book turns to two of the leading challenges of great cities. The first being how to reach the disenfranchised―many from minority groups, people who have substance abuse problems, and the homeless, to name but a few. The second challenge deals with one of the foundational problems in our cities and in all of society: the plight of the absent father. Other chapters address urban discipleship as the most effective approach to promote life transformation, planting churches in a difficult urban environment, and a topic rarely discussed in urban books, raising a family in the city.

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